Regulator Tester with Faces

“Regulator Tester with Faces” Project

ProBUDDY Kits are the solution to desk-mess during prototyping. The ProBUDDY kits let you build your projects on its portable Base Plates with its magnetic holders (ProBUDDYs), store and move in any position, then easily tear them down again. Plus to that, ProBUDDY Probes, ProBUDDY Racks and many accessories, soldering, probing and storing projects also become much more effective.

So many people around the World started building amazing projects on their ProBUDDY Kits. Here is an example to that.

A test machine with faces on ProBUDDY Kits

Electronics is fun, testing is fun, let’s make it funnier with a Regulator tester with Faces! 🙂

Building reliable electronics hardware requires testing. We can either do it manually (which takes lots of time) or build and use circuit test set-ups.

On those, we have a fixture with spring-loaded probes (pogo pins) located on a surface or a unique slot that is specially designed to hold a specific electronics circuit. All of the probes or pins are connected to a tester hardware. We put the electronics to be tested to the fixture and bupppp…. Voltages, currents, signals and all whats required gets tested.. Circuits who passes the test become ready to be used or to be sent to the customer!

So, we decided to build a tester for the regulator modules (MT3608 Step Up) we use in our lab. We then asked ourselves, why not to build a funny one! And here it is, at the end we very much like it!

This project has been loved on, check it out from the link below;

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