Infinity Gears

ProBUDDY Kits are the solution to desk-mess during prototyping. The ProBUDDY kits let you build your projects on its portable Base Plates with its magnetic holders (ProBUDDYs), store and move in any position, then easily tear them down again. Plus to that, ProBUDDY Probes, ProBUDDY Racks and many accessories, soldering, probing and storing projects also become much more effective.

So many people around the World started building amazing projects on their ProBUDDY Kits. Here is an example to that.

Infinity Gears on ProBUDDY Kits

Arthur Ganson built an inspiring sculpture named “Machine with Concrete” composed of 12 stages of 1/50 ratio gears all connected together. The first gear rotates at 200 rpm, full rotation takes 1/200 minutes. Guess the last gear’s (which is buried in concrete) full rotation time: 13.7 Billion (10^12) years!

No matter how fast you rotate the first gear, your effort diminishes inside the system. Life is and feels similarly. We do lots of things and those add very little to the universe. So the best we can do is to do what we like and what makes us happy!

So, we created a similar project, INFINITY GEARS, in a more compact form with rotation-counter switches at different stages, powered by an Arduino Uno. We rotate the first gear with a 250 rpm DC geared motor.

Guess the full rotation time of our last gear !? ——> Wait for it ——-> 346 Quintillion (346 x 10^18) Years! Even the universe (most probably) won’t see the full rotation! That’s why we designed that last gear as a “Non-Rotatable square gear”.

This project has been featured on, check it out from the link below;

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