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Make prototyping neater and more portable

Pairing magnetic bases with easy-mount tools and accessories, the ProBUDDY Kits system makes prototypes tidier, and mountable at any angle on almost any surface.

ProBUDDY Kits are the solution to desk-mess during prototyping. The ProBUDDY kits let you build your projects on its portable Base Plates with its magnetic holders (ProBUDDYs), store and move in any position, then easily tear them down again. Plus to that, ProBUDDY Probes, ProBUDDY Racks and many accessories, soldering, probing and storing projects also become much more effective.

ProBUDDY Kits are supported with a FREE 3D Printables library. You can choose many types of holders, washers, stands and more, download the files and print them on your own printer and start using your ProBUDDY Kits for any type of project you might have.

With the BasePlate Sticker system, you have the ability to choose from a wide range of designs for your Base Plate, allowing for a constant source of inspiration. You can easily change the appearance of your Base Plate whenever you desire.

Our Founder explains why we created ProBUDDY Kits in the first place: “We had a small Sunday Robotics office and our desk space was very limited for our projects. Now, with the help of our ProBUDDY Kits, we can work on and properly store and demonstrate,instead of 1 or 2, but 12-20 projects at the same time on a small desk space! Still using them all the time, everyday. It’s the best gadget in our offices by far.”

The problem we solve

You will work on electronics-based projects? For Robotics, Industry, Stem and more..? Then that means you will be working with breadboards, electronics modules, and lots and lots of cables. When connected together they will float [around your desk] or be glued somewhere, and, well… It gets messy and stressful for you.

It does, because both options (floating around or glueing) have disadvantages and very negative effects on your work. When your electronics, cables and everything are placed on the desk without any physical attachment, electrical connections can come loose and easily lost with slight movements. You wont be able to take it anywhere else easily. This method also requires multiple touches on the electronics, posing a high risk of static electricity for the semiconductors on your projects.

On the other hand, if you glue the hardware to a mobile surface (like woodboards etc) it becomes challenging to retrieve the hardware to reuse them for the next project of yours. Additionally, excessive force during the retrieval can easily damage the hardware.

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What users say

Key components of ProBUDDY Kits System (Under Construction)

Main Items


3D Printables


ProBUDDY Probes


ProBUDDY Racks




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